Become a member

Affiliates (Non-voting) Annual fee $80/annum
(Inc. $ 20 research fee)
MEMBERS IN This Category

(a) Builders

(b) Building construction managers

(c) Project managers

(d) Chairpersons of all organizations involved with residential building

(e) P.I. and other insurance assessors

(g) Building underpinners

(h) Drillers

(i) Manufacturers of concrete and footing fittings

Associates (Non-voting) $ 110/annum
(Inc. $ 20 research fee)
MEMBERS IN This Category

(a) Structural Engineers

(b) A.C.S.E.V. members, A.C.E.A. members.

(c) Other Professional Engineering organizations working in the low-rise building field

(d) Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors

(e) Building Consultants

(f) Geotechs that do not meet qualification for corporate membership.

(g) Researchers

(h) Other interested scientists

 Corporate Members (Voting) $ 180/annum
(Inc. $ 20 research fee)

This membership level is relevant to persons who are in a geotechnical commercial practice and have either the necessary qualifications in civil Engineering or Geology and a minimum of 5 years appropriate experience or equivalent qualification and experience acceptable to the society.

(a) All existing members will be Corporate Members but membership will be reviewed each September  

(b) Revision will consider whether attendance requirements and Continuing Professional Development scores have been met.

Students (Non-voting) Exempt
 MEMBERS IN This Category

(a) All Engineering, Geological, Building Diploma and Building Surveying full-time students

(b) Other interested full-time building or science students

Research Fee

From time to time the Society funds undergraduate and post-graduate research projects. To finance these projects we collect $20/year from our membership, excepting Students.

Continuing Professional Development

The necessary C.P.D score for continuing CORPORATE membership has been set at 50 points.

Activity Point Scored
Attendance at workshops or field or laboratory excursions 30 points*
Committee membership 20 points*
Attendance at Annual General Meeting 20 points*
Attendance at General Meetings 20 points*
Presentations of case studies at FFS meetings 20 points*
Published geotechnical conference papers 30 points*
Presentation of Geotechnical Research to FFS AGS ACSEV or related organisations. 30 points*
Student presentation of geotechnical thesis to University 25 points*
*Note: The above are guidelines only. Where warranted, extra points may be awarded on a case by case basis.

Membership Application

For Year Ending 30th June 2023