About Us

The Foundation and Footings Society of Victoria was formed in 1991. The association grew of an initial informal meeting in July 1991 of engineers, engineering geologists and technicians involved in the geotechnical assessment of building sites.

Aims of the society

Promote a higher standard of geotechnical investigation for low rise industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
Develop an appropriate site investigation code for new constructions, repairs and/or similar re the above buildings.
Exchange technical information with all related professionals.
Conduct regular meetings, including excursions and seminars between ourselves and specially related professionals.
Seek to gain input into relevant codes and Australian building standards relating to the industry.
Ensure that the members of the organisation or association be well vetted.
To encourage affiliate membership amongst related professional groups and/or organisations.


  • Site Investigation Handbook “Special Provisions for Site Investigation for Residential Slab and Footings for Victorian Conditions” - First published in 1992.
  • Representation on Australian Standard AS 2870 “Residential Slabs and Footings” Code Committee. The Society has had active representation on this code committee since 1992.
  • Check list for Building Surveyors. First published in 1992. Updated and revised in 2005.
  • General meetings The Society conducts regular technical meetings. At least four meetings per year have been held since 1992. These meetings include presentations by experts and leading consultants. Issues relevant to the industry are also regularly discussed.
  • Technical workshops and Seminars The Society has conducted a number of workshops and seminars. These have been very successful and well attended.
    • 1993: Soil Workshop - Discussion of AS2870 and AS2870.1
    • 1996: Forum on the AS 2870 -The REVISED Residential Slabs and Footing Code
    • 1997: Performance of Footing Systems on Problem Sites
    • 1998: Case studies including slope stability and tree drying
    • 2000: Workshop 2000 - Site Investigation methods
    • 2003: Trees, drought and building damage
    • 2005: Raising the standard
  • Research The Society has provided financial and technical support for undergraduate research projects and PhD students.
  • Field Days and Regional Meetings
  • Practice Notes These provide guidelines and recommended minimum requirements

Elected Committee Members 2020

Steve Buratto


Andre Merheb

Vice Chairman

Scott Emmett


Francis Hsieh


Ramon Leoncio

Assistant Treasurer

Luke Tymensen

Tim Gibney

Russell Brown

Bernie Weberruss

Philip Vawdrey

Xavier Smolders